Dog People

I had a dog growing up but I was a kid.  I wasn’t part of the dog owner culture that I have now come to know.  Like all dog people I love my dog.  I love playing with her and buying her toys and treats.  I love sitting with her in my lap while I watch TV.  That is where my commonalities with dog people end.  I do not throw parties for my dog nor do I dress her up.  The biggest difference between these people and me is that she is not my kid.

Yes, believe it or not, my dog is my dog.  She is not my kid.  Yes, I talk to her because I know that dogs recognize the tone in your voice and know when to be happy, sad, and sorry for what they’ve done.  Since I’ve gotten her though, other people have treated her like she’s my kid.  There is a neighbor in my complex comes over and bugs the crap out of me and makes Penny hyper.  She thinks because I have a dog and I’m outside that she can just come over and play with her.  She talks to her nonstop and tries to get her as excited as possible.  Normally I wouldn’t mind, but this woman is annoying and refers to me as Penny’s daddy. She’s not the only one though.  Several people seem to think it’s ok to come over and play with my dog.  If I’m taking the dog for a walk, that’s fine, but when I’m standing outside in the dark at 10:00 at night, I’m not walking the dog.  I’m waiting for the dog to do her business.  I don’t need you to distract her so that she doesn’t want to go.  Have some respect and back off.

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