Why Facebook Has Lost Me

Okay, so I really don’t use Facebook that often. In fact, I really haven’t used it all that much since college, when it was only open to college students. I would use it off and on to keep in touch with old college friends but FB did something that made me use it even less: they opened it to high school students. As if this wasn’t bad enough they decided the general public should jump aboard and that is why Facebook sucks today. Here are my top annoyances with Facebook that caused me to give up on it.

1. Game status updates/requests

I really really don’t want to help you out in your Mafia war.  Nor do I want to help you find your sheep or feed your chickens.  This type of crap clutters my feed and makes FB look and feel like *shudder* MySpace.

2. Profile pictures showing your pregnant belly


Do you really think people want to see that as your profile picture?  They don’t. Don’t show us. You’re having a baby, fantastic! Congrats! You’re not all that special though.  Hundreds of thousands of people have babies every singe day.  If it’s something a 14 year old girl can do after making a bad decision, it’s not a miracle and we don’t really want to see it.

3. Quizzes


Let me tell you a secret,  mo one cares what comic book villain, member of The Facts of Life, character in literature, etc you would be.  Yeah, it’s cool, you want to take a quiz to find that stuff out.  I’m guilty of the same thing, here’s the difference: I do not publish that if I were a Saved by the Bell character I’d be Zack Morris to my profile.

4. Posting your Daily Horoscope


By posting your horoscope on a daily basis you are telling me that you are a complete moron. Who believes in this crap anymore? This is 2009, not 1309. We do not use Astrology to predict anything about how your life will turn out. Your schooling has failed you. Now, go call Ms. Cleo and leave that shit off my feed.

5. Updating your status every 5 minutes. If I really wanted to know your status every 5 minutes I’d subscribe to your feed on the site that was designed for such mundane information, Twitter.

6. Flair, badges, superpokes, and gifts


Why are you sending me this crap? Do I look like I want a button that says “You’re a Peach!”?  Do you think that I’m going to think that you SuperPoking me is cute? Do you like getting poked in real life? Of course not, so what makes you think everyone wants to get poked on Facebook?

I know what you might be thinking, if I hate seeing all this stuff so much, why not use Facebook Lite? That really isn’t the point. Facebook should have never gone this far with applications and the amount of crap people can post and I think they will eventually pay for it, just like how MySpace is now paying for its clutter and crap with lack of users. Facebook has tried so hard to stay relevant (and don’t get me wrong, they still are) with applications, site redesigns, idea stealing, that it just keeps makingthe site more and more cluttered.  People will get tired and move on to the next big thing eventually and Facebook will have no one to blame but themselves.

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  1. creativereason
    creativereason says:

    I agree with this, which is why I use lite.facebook.com – however I think you & I are in the minority. A lot of people tolerate or enjoy that stuff (farmville, mob wars, etc)…

    No matter how bad facebook can get, it will never be as bad as myspace, every myspace page hurt my eyes – it was like they intentionally wanted it to be the worst design ever.

  2. Patrick D.
    Patrick D. says:

    Sorry to see you go, but I enjoy Facebook and the games. And the games I don’t like and the moronic quizzes can easily be hidden forever with a click of a ‘hide’ button. There are entire games I never see on my stream because of one-click. Works great. It’s all about the customization.

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Having a baby IS a miracle, even if it does happen every day. BUT, I agree, I don’t want to see your baby belly!

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