On Missed Opportunities

I hate missed opportunities. I let this sit and fester until I obsess over them, going over every possible scenario in my head until I can’t think anymore. There was a situation today where I wish I would have totally done the opposite of what I did. I didn’t do anything bad, in fact, I didn’t do anything at all, and that is the problem. I wish I would have done something. I won’t say what, because it’s really not that important. It’s the principal of the thing that is important.

I really need to start the Costanza Experiment again and start doing the opposite of what I normally do. If I would have stuck with this, I would not be stressing over the missed opportunity today. The real kick in the shin is that I have, in one way or another, been waiting for this opportunity all week. Finally it presented itself in the most perfect way possible and I didn’t do anything. Will the opportunity be lost forever or will it present itself again? Maybe I shouldn’t wait for another opportunity to present itself and instead abide by the old cliche and “make my own opportunity.” That would be the opposite of what I usually do. Enough stressing.