I have way too many email accounts. I have accounts set up on this domain (using Google apps). I have accounts set up for my real name domain as well. Also I have [email protected] And then there’s all the accounts set up for all the other websites I run, old accounts I never use for email but still use for other things (such as Yahoo and a second Yahoo address I had to create when Flickr’s login merged with Yahoo’s) and email addresses that were created for me when I signed up for a service (ATT Uverse). That’s 3 email addresses just at Yahoo alone.

The funny thing is, even with all these email accounts, I rarely send actual emails. I exchange emails with my friend Trix and my family, but that’s about it. It’s not that I dislike email. In fact, email is my preferred form of communication. I would much rather exchange emails than talk on the phone. I guess one of the reasons I never send personal emails is because everyone I know is on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, or IM. There really is no need for me to email people anymore and when I do it’s for a quick question or comment, nothing at length. I actually enjoy sending emails. There’s something to be said about sitting down and composing a lengthy note to a friend or family member. Sadly, I rarely take the time to sit and do this. I think the first thing I need to do is consolidate some of these accounts. The Yahoo ones that I have I should part with. Yes, it’s like giving up part of my youth, but I think it’s time. After that I might just send out a lengthy email. But probably not.