The Boondocks

The Boondocks, the genius comic strip created by Aaron McGruder is finally making its way to the small screen. After being delayed several times (moving networks, and the usual delays that come with a animated program) the cartoon starring Regina King and John Witherspoon will make its debut this Sunday night during the Adult Swim block on the Cartoon Network. The show focuses on two black children and their grandfather living in white suburbia. The Boondocks has been one of my favorite comic strips for years and I’m excited about what kind of controversy this show can stir up. This cartoon won’t be for everyone though. Those that are offended by racial issues, Bush bashing, and common sense need not watch. The offical site (which is still under construction) can be found at:

I don’t really watch tv shows on a regular basis, but these two shows have caught my interest. These are, without a doubt, the two best shows on television right now. Entourage is a great show. I became addicted to it this summer, and have since bought season 1 on dvd. The writing is great, the insider view of Hollywood is interesting, and the guest appearances are really entertaining (Val Kilmer as a sherpa was hilarious). Jeremy Piven is excellent as Vincent Chase’s agent. Check it out on Sunday nights on HBO. You will not be disappointed.

The other show I started watching is Weeds on Showtime. Mary Louise Parker is great in this show about a suburban mom who sells marijuana to the other suburbanites. This show’s portrayal of suburbia is hilarious, if not altogether accurate. You can also find this show on Sunday nights.

Hi, my name is Shep. I am NOT addicted to tv. It amazes me how many people are. Sure, I watch television for background noise when I’m doing other things, but I DO NOT base my life around programs like more and more Americans do each day. Am I the only one who thinks that this is ridiculous? Tivo has become the standard for people who can’t watch every single one of their television programs. Tivo the OC tonight, I can’t watch it. Tivo Survivor because I’ll be watching American Idol which is on at the same time. It is horrifying how addicted we as a society have become.

What pulled this little rant from the depths of my mind? Someone came into the computer lab today when I was working. She had a portable television and was watching tv while browsing the net. It is so sad that she couldn’t leave her television to come to class and/or the computer labs.