The Republicans are scared. So scared they have started making up stories. These two have come out in the last few days.

Did Kerry have a Cheat Sheet?
This article claims Kerry had a cheat sheet during the Debates based on a blurry picture wehre Kerry removes something from his pocket right before the debate. Gee Drudge Report (hardly a reliable news source), have you ever heard of a pen?

The second story comes from an equally questionable “news” source, Fox News.

The Guardian ran a story on how Fox News apologized for airing quotes from Kerry that never existed. The website carried fabricated quotes attributed to John Kerry, in which he called himself a “metrosexual” who enjoys getting manicures.

How low will they go? Only time will tell.

Everyone knows those famous lines uttered by Bush in the debates last week. He was talking about how Poland is a great ally and Kerry kept forgetting about Poland. Well, it seems Poland would like to forget Iraq. They are pulling out their troops. Read…

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