November 2005


The server went down for about 2.5 hours. The main hard drive failed and all the data had to be transferred to a new one. Luckily, the data from the failed drive was recoverable.

American is, by far, the worst store. Do not purchase anything from this pathetic chain. They really do make “customer service” sound like an oxymoron. I seriously doubt the people who work in these stores have IQs above that of a pile of rocks. The sales people are morons who need to ring things up 3 times in order to get the right price (which then allows them to sell out of the product you are trying to buy, all because the guy checking you out is a moron and can’t do simple math), the management of the stores is a joke, and they treat you like crap. I guess when you are in a place in which a sales person is required in order for you to make a purchase, they don’t care how rude they are to you, because chances are, if you are already there, you are going to purchase from them. Well, never again will I make this mistake. Not only did we have problems the day we made our initial purchase, but the day we were told to come back so things could be made right, we were treated even worse, and things still haven’t been made right. I found it funny that the manager was mentioning “business sense” and how something didn’t make business sense to him. Funny, I always though keeping customers and doing what is right for them was good business sense. Silly me. I average about 700-1000 unique visitors here per day. If I can pursuade just .5% of my readers to never shop at this sorry excuse of a store, then my work is done, as that could cost American thousands of dollars. And this doesn’t even include all of my students (250+) that will be hearing about my experiences with American. Bottom line is, shop Best Buy or Circuit City. Fuck American. You will never have my business again.