Do you ever sit back and laugh (and cry) at some of the dumb antics the Bush Administration engages in? Does it seem too crazy to be true, like you’re almost watching a TV show? Well, Peter Norvig asks, what if the Bush Administration was a remake of Gilligan’s Island? This is what he came up with:

Plot Synopses for Episodes of a Gilligan’s Island Remake Starring Members of the Bush Administration.


– – – –

Gilligan invades a neighboring island of cannibals. He mistakenly believes that Mary Ann and Ginger would be a sufficient force to secure the island, and Skipper erroneously claims they would be welcome as liberators.

A hurricane hits the island. Gilligan does nothing to help, but tells Mrs. Howell, “Lovey, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

Skipper goes hunting for fowl on the island and accidentally shoots Mr. Howell in the face, then waits a day before telling Gilligan.

The professor’s experiments conclusively show that climate change is causing the island to sink into the sea. Gilligan erases his papers and tries to stop him from talking, thinking that will make the problem go away.