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John Mozeliak – Very Unprofessional

John Mozeliak recently gave even more St. Louis Cardinals fans a reason to hate him. I guess he figured that since people are already pissed at him for not doing anything to strengthen the Cardinals this season that he’d go ahead and throw professionalism out the window and insult Cardinals fans.

In a recent online chat Mr. Mozeliak fielded insults from disgruntled Cardinals fans. I am not defending the insults against Mr. Mozeliak, but he certainly should have taken the higher road and not responded with his own insults. He needs to understand that fans are unhappy with his job performance and instead of insulting them back he needs to explain his philosophy of waiting for the future. St. Louis has some of the best fans in all of baseball. We are very passionate about our team. If Mr. Mozeliak can’t understand this and handle these types of situations with some class and dignity, then he deserves the insults he receives, especially since he’s creating another disappointing season for Cardinals fans by “saving for the future.” The future won’t matter when you’ve driven away all the fans Mr. Mozeliak. When a team finishes 4th in the division we expect a little more action to make us contenders again, and when that happens we, rightfully so, get upset. Do not insult us. We pay your salary. We pay for the salaries of everyone in the organization, including players, we pay for the new stadium. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You can read the chat transcript via STLToday.

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  1. mike mark
    mike mark says:

    I don’t know how or why you would hate Johnny Mo… REMEMBER!!!! DIDNT YOU JUST WIN A FEW YEARS AGO???? YOU GREEDY FANS!!!! Look at the yankees.. they havnt won in forever and they still have Cashman running the show!!!!!!

    • shep
      shep says:

      if a team like the yankees can spend all that money and still lose, that’s their fault. their front office is at least trying to improve the team. john mozeliak won’t spend any money and wants to rely on untested rookies.

  2. Brian
    Brian says:

    It isn’t John Mozeliak’s money to spend.This is DeWitt/Hanser and the rest of the ownership group.As far as developing rookies,I have no problem with that.I have no problem going into the playoffs as a Wild Card team or even not making them at all for a year.I mean since 1996 when this ownership group took over and LaRussa was brought in,we’ve had a hell of a run.We need a proven starter,yes-but you also have to lock up Pujols and that is going to take some money.Would be a HUGE shame if he did not retire a Cardinal.And you can’t sign Albert if your paying AJ Burnett or some other guy along that caliber $70-80 million based on the fact that he won 20 games a couple years back.
    Here are my Top 3 gripes for current ownership though:
    1.)Ballpark Village-WTF happened here?Wasn’t it in the plans-you pay $150 million toward it-remember?The whole reason I supported a new stadium-hell I have enough ground to build a softball field if we needed one that bad.
    2.)The medical staff-are they using the guys at Walgreens?Glaus,Rolen,Carpenter,Mulder etc etc.-and the players must not be too sold on them either if they are seeking second opinions
    3.)LaRussa taking his feuds with former players public(i.e.Rolen,Edmonds and now Glaus-who has played his last game in a Cards uniform guaranteed).And I love Tony LaRussa and have been a fan since he managed the A’s.And I know not everyone is gonna get along but don’t call people out in the media-just makes us look bad.

  3. shep
    shep says:

    I agree on 1 and 3. I was a huge supporter of the new stadium from the very beginning and was even part of the ballpark club that jack buck was president of that petitioned the city and state to help build the new stadium. I’m very disappointed that this is how it turned out.

    And you’re right about LaRussa. There is absolutely no reason for him to bad mouth formal cardinals, especially ones that still are fan favorites in st. louis. Edmonds showed a lot of class when you thanked st. louis in his letter to the Post-Dispatch after he left the cards. Sometimes LaRussa could use a bit of tact and respect.

  4. Doug
    Doug says:


    I think you’re comments are way off. I read the entire transcript of the chat session you were talking about and Mo entered into that session as a grounded GM. The comments that attacked him were off the wall and ridiculous. I understand that you would expect him to act more professionally and ignore them, however this guy is a GM of the fans, and he acts like one. My post is about a year out of date but after those fans bashed him, look what happened. Dominated the central and made every acquisition to make certain that it was so. I’m glad that the Cardinals have an executive who’s not afraid to defend himself or the organization. People who think they understand sports management probably don’t even know what OPS is. However, I do appreciate you not hesitating to critique the “holy cardinals” and their execs. Mozeliak is the man for the Birds. The guy’s totally down to earth and you won’t find that much in pro sports. St Louis should feel appreciative to have someone in his role giving his time to talk and respond to the fans, ridiculous or otherwise.

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