The End of Movember

It is the end of Movember and I am thankful.  I’m thankful to the people that donated and thankful to be able to shave the ‘stache.  Going a whole month without trimming was hard. I don’t know how people with bushy mustaches do it. It was so annoying. I would wake up every single morning wanting to trim it. It was also ugly. No, seriously, I hated it and I’m sure I looked stupid to most people. In fact, it got to the point that when I’d see people I hadn’t seen in a while I’d have to explain why I had the ridiculous mustache so they would know it wasn’t a fashion decision and that I was growing it for the greater good. If you really want to torture yourself you can go back and look at the Movember set on my Flickr page. I did miss taking pictures a few of the days, but there are 22 of the 30 days in the set. I think if I do this again next year, I’ll try a different style, maybe just the old-fashioned used car salesman mustache.  We shall see.