There are certain things you don’t do in a restroom, at least if you’re a guy. Most guys abide by this (unless they are drunk at a bar or sporting event), but there are a few that I have to deal with on a daily basis that don’t.

No Talking: You do not talk while in the restroom. It is not something you should ever do. Do not talk to the guy next to you, do not talk on the phone. Don’t even answer the phone if it rings. We used to have a guy at work that would have entire conversations on the phone while dropping a deuce. It got so bad the building’s landlord sent out a letter to all tenants asking them to refrain from conducting business while… conducting business.

No Free-Form Urinating: When you’re standing at the urinal, hold your hose. Hold it with one hand, two hands, I don’t care, as long as you hold it. I don’t want to walk in to see you with both hands behind your head. This is how splash and splatter happens.

Flush: Seriously, how hard is it to pull (or push) a handle? There was a guy at work that would never flush. Every single day, more than once per day, we’d walk in to a pee-filled urinal. It would annoy us so much that I finally took matters into my own hands, so to speak. Since I put that up about a month and a half ago, there have been no issues with flushing.

Wash Your Hands!: Again, something that really isn’t that difficult. Another guy at my work (not the same one that doesn’t flush, oddly enough) never washes his hands. I’ve been in the restroom at least 5 times in the short time he’s been here where he’s left without at least putting water on them. Again, I decided to take matters into my own hands and put this up. Unfortunately, this one hasn’t worked out as well as the flush sign. Since i put it up, I’ve caught the guy not washing twice.

These simple rules of etiquette are not hard to follow. There’s not even that many of them. They are manners that everyone should have been taught back in kindergarten. I guess some people just need a reminder.