Using a cool new Stats plugin. You can find my stats here, or you can just look in the footer on all the pages and click stats.

Update: Sorry people, didn’t post the link to the stats download. Download it here.

I’m also using Dr. Dave’s Spam Karma 2 now. The new plugin is still in beta, but it seems to work fine. Let me kn0w via the contact page if your comments aren’t getting through.

There is a new look, for now. You all know how often I change the look, and with WP 1.5, it’s a lot easier to do so.

I also added the “Listening to” section in the sidebar via a plugin I saw at Gregory Bowers’ excellent site.

I will also be using the WP-People plug in as soon as I add people to my database. What it does is when a person’s name is put in a post, it links their name to a bio about the person. So if there is a person I talk about a lot on the blog, you can click their name and a short bio and other info will pop-up. Pretty cool stuff.

EDIT: I changed my Listening to plugin, after seeing a better, newer version on another site. Check it out here: WP-Scrobbler

You may have noticed my site was down for a bit. Or maybe you didn’t because you don’t visit my site often enough. If that is the case, then shame on you. Anyway, hopefully the downtime has been resolved. I also have a new header up. Hope you like it. Thanks to Caleb for creating it.

I took the plunge and upgraded to WP 1.5. It wasn’t too difficult. Everything seems to work fine, except for Spam Karma. I’ll take a look at that this weekend. Also, you may have noticed the new look. I like this layout, and the top image might be changed. I’m thinking something Cardinals, Baseball, or Cardinals Baseball related.

SMSU played Creighton University last night. In the past, Creighton has always dominated the Bears. A lot has changed since last year though. Many of Creighton’s best players of years’ past graduated. I wasn’t expecting an SMS win, but that is what was delivered. This was the first Bears basketball game I attended this year, and I was surprised at how many of our guys graduated last year as well. The Bears dominated all of first half, playing excellent defense. The second half was typical Bears basketball. They let their lead slip and played some bad defense. They managed to hold onto the lead though and not even their terrible free throw shooting percentage and Creighton’s excellent ability at the 3-point shot could stop the Bears.

The final score was 80-73. Good job Bears.

Worldpress: What is it? Well, it’s wordpress users across the globe. Check it out here, it’s really cool.

New pictures of Cameron: