I was browsing my stats and noticed an incoming link to my theme. Always curious as to what kind of sites used my theme I checked it out. I won’t provide the link here because the site I found was disgusting. The site is supposed to be an alternative “news” site but really was nothing more than a racist and bigoted site that talks about “niggers”, “kikes”, “evil Methodists”, and “fags.” Reading the titles of these posts made me want to throw up, and the actual posts and comments were worse. I guess the drawback to releasing a theme is you have no say in what kind of site decides to use it. I, for one, am disgusted by it’s use on this hate speech site.

EDIT: Just an update, I contacted the site’s host, DreamHost and they said they support free speech. This is understandable. I, however, doubt it has anything to do with free speech and more to do with them making money from a client. That’s just how DH operates. Even if the hate speech can incite hate crimes (which, if you look at the wikipedia entry posted in the comments by Mike, actually has happened). This lead me to post some terms in which I explain I have no affiliation with the content on sites using my theme. Kind of an obvious thing, but I just want to cover my bases.

Something for my friends that enjoy the holidays.

This I remember from when I was a kid. In fact, I still have this on tape somewhere. We used to watch this cartoon every Christmas, along with some other Christmas specials that were on the tape. If you can sit through the commercials, give it a shot and watch the Smurfs Christmas Special. I’m sure you’ll be able to find this on the net somewhere to download, if not, AOL has it for free. But typical AOL, you will have to sit through commercials. Reminds me of that thing I used to watch back in the day. What was it called? Oh yeah, TV. How far we’ve come with DVR and on demand programming. No wonder the networks are afraid of losing advertising dollars.

A great friend sent me this link. I thought I’d share it with you all. It should be noted that it might not be suitable for children. See how far you can Smack the Penguin.

Both of these go out to a very special friend, who may or may not ever read this. I’ll remember you always. Take care of yourself. We’ll always have the rain.

Tony vs. Paul

Caleb posted this over in facebook. I thought it was cool so I thought I’d share