I bought Super Mario Galaxy on Friday and I must say, this game is fun! I am Nintendo’s target demographic for the Wii. I am a casual gamer in every sense of the word. While I appreciate complex games like Metroid Prime 3, Halo, Zelda (Ocarina of Time is the only game I’ve ever actually completed in my life), I have a short attention span with games. I usually play for 15-30 minutes then take a break and do something else. This is what makes Super Mario Galaxy so great for me. I play a galaxy, which on average I would say takes 15 minutes for each galaxy, some even less, especially if there is a time limit, then I take a break, or maybe I’ll play another galaxy. I wish all games were like this. I would really like to finish the newest Zelda, but I’ve not played it in so long that I would have no idea where I left off and it’s a game that, while you can save and stop playing at any moment, unless you’re really paying attention to your surroundings, you can forget what you are doing and where you should be going. And I do. I don’t have to worry about that with SMG.

As for the controls, they took some getting used to, that’s for sure, but I have the hang of them now and I can usually walk around, even upside down, without any problems in direction. The graphics are pretty sweet too. It’s the Wii and it’s Mario, so it’s not like I was expecting PS3 or Xbox 360 graphics. The scenery is awesome, the galaxies are creative (the Rolling Greens galaxy where you have to balance on a ball and roll into a giant golf cup was fun and short). Overall, this is probably one of the games I’ve enjoyed playing the most, on any system.