Uverse Vs Fox Sports Midwest: They Fight, Fans Lose

Starting this season, Fox Sports Midwest will carry all of the Cardinals baseball games. In the past, local channels would carry some of the games (KPLR, then KSDK). Because Fox Sports Midwest decided to carry all the games this year, they thought they could jack up the price for the channel (or for the rights to show those additional 20 games). Some companies did not agree. Most of the companies in dispute were small-time cable companies in rural areas. The major providers, such as the satellite providers as well as Charter Cable, agreed to the new fees. AT&T’s Uverse did not. They had months and months to come to terms, but they just figured it’s only 20 games, who cares.

Well, AT&T, one of your biggest Uverse markets is also the best baseball town in America. We want to watch EVERY game. We are some of the most loyal fans in all of baseball. By not showing those games you will be losing a lot of money from customers you’ve pissed off, either by giving them discounts on their bill or by watching them leave completely. Is it really worth it? I’ve already had one of your sales people offer me $25 off a month for the next 6 months and promise (and yes, I verified with him what he was actually promising) that the dispute would be resolved by today. Nothing like telling a lie to keep a customer, right?

As for me? Even with the discount offered, I think it’s time to say goodbye. I have been a Uverse customer for over 2 years and have watched them move the sports channels to higher tiers, increased fees for services, and now, take away games promised to air. I can take my business somewhere else where I will be sure to have access to every game.

UPDATE: In case you’re sticking with Uverse and want the discount (we’re missing games, time to hit AT&T where it hurts), call 1-800-288-2020 and ask for customer retention. Tell them you’re unhappy about the situation and demand a discount. I’ve seen some people get offered $15 off a month for 6 months, but they gave me $25 off a month. I wouldn’t go any lower than that.

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    • X- ATT Employee
      X- ATT Employee says:

      This is for AT&T Employee. ……. Good luck with your future at that company. You’re meat, nothing more, nothing less.

  1. uverse
    uverse says:

    Sad to say, it is the nature of business. I had Comcast about a year and a half ago and in order to get my bill down closer to what new customers were paying, I had to threaten to cancel. My intent wasn’t to threaten though, I just decided I would cancel and then found that they magically pulled a promotion out of a hat. All companies do it. With the whole Fox dispute, I also know that big players like Dish Network and Comcast did not air the channel for a couple of weeks but they eventually came to an agreement too.

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