I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0. So far, it seems nice. I’ve played around with the previous release candidates, but now it is ready for Primetime. Or so I’m told. :) Also, check out the newly designed The design is a lot different from the old, but I think it’s nice. The forums could use some better styling though. If you want to upgrade, follow this great guide written by Podz.

EDIT: I’ve noticed one bug. If “wordpress” is in the post slug, it has a problem finding the post. Apparently this was a reported bug, but I figured it was worked out before the official release. WP 2.0, almost ready for primetime.

EDIT #2: Having “wordpress” as the category slug was also messing things up. I changed the slug to “wp” and things are working again. How odd.

EDIT #3: A ticket has been reported in trac and you can see an example of the error on one of my test blogs.

EDIT #4 Ryan fixed this issue with a new classes.php. Check out the changes.

Or should it be Unofficially Official?

Someone in the Qn5 Forums put together a tripod website detailing the concept album A Piece of Strange by CunninLynguists. The album is brilliant in my opinion, but this fan site was not. I have to give props to the guy because he took time to create it, but the design was not very pleasing to the eyes. Many people in the forums liked the idea, but wanted a new design. I decided to throw something together and this is what I came up with. It’s unofficially official. Keep cheking the site for reviews, interviews about the album, and more critiques. What is A Piece of Strange?

I created the PAYA Club website using my modified Squible theme and WordPress. PAYA is a school club for politically active youth at the high school where I’m student teaching.

If there is one thing in the world that bugs me more than pop-up ads, annoying sounds in ads, and installers, it is internet hype.  Hype is what the internet is about this year, from myspace and the facebook to AJAX and now Flock, based on the opensource Firefox.  Flock is part of the Web 2.0 hype, in which everyone is socially connected through everything on the internet, with such overrated tools like Flickr and  I am trying out the built in blogging function in the browser. I really don’t see what’s so great about the hype surrounding Flock.  If I want people to see my bookmarks, they can go to my site.  If I want people to view my photos, I will not direct them to the hyped Flickr, which in my opinion lowers the quality of the images, but instead I will direct them to my gallery that uses the excellent beta version of Plogger.  Yes kids, the word of the day is hype, and that is exactly what Flock and everything Web 2.0 is. The blogging utility isn’t even that great, with no way to assign a post to a specific category or multiple categories. It does let you add technorati tags, but that is not shocking, as Technorati is a Web 2.0 service. While Flock uses Web 2.0 apps heavily, it lacks some common sense Web 1.0 functionality.

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